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Unlock Confidence, Enhance Problem-Solving, and Build Skills, With RYA Instructor Training

Discover the transformative power of sailing beyond just wind and waves. Our adult sailing courses are designed to unlock confidence, foster problem-solving skills, and create lasting connections. We believe in a hands-on, enjoyable approach to learning – because when you're having a great time, you're learning at your best!

Expert Instructors Across the UK

Our company is luckily enough to have 2 RYA Trainers in house, putting us best placed to guide you through the Instructor Training Pathway. We blend practical and theory sessions to ensure an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Our commitment is to make learning not only informative but also a memorable adventure.

RYA Courses for a Comprehensive Sailing Education

Explore the world of sailing with confidence by enrolling in our RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Instructor courses to allow you to pass on your passion and knowledge to the next generation of sailors. As the leading authority in sailing, windsurfing, and power boating in the UK, RYA Instructor courses guarantee unparalleled quality and excellence. Whether you're new to instructing, or a seasoned outdoor instructor, our courses are crafted to cater to all skill levels.

Keep Sailing: Elevating Sailing Courses

At Keep Sailing, we go beyond just good courses – we organise truly exceptional experiences. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that our courses are not just good but the best they can be. Experience sailing with us, where accessibility, enjoyment, and education come together to create an unforgettable adventure for all. Elevate your sailing experience with Keep Sailing’s commitment to excellence.

begin your instructing career

RYA Assistant Instructor

This is the perfect qualification to begin your instructing career. RYA Assistant Instructors are a vital part of any RYA Centre, but also a great way to get a feel for teaching sailing before you do your RYA Dinghy Instructor Course.

  • 14+
  • RYA Youth Sailing Stage 4
  • One of the Advanced Modules

Please note, the 2 day RYA Assistant Instructor course is centre specific to the centre you do it at. Meaning you’re only able to use this qualifcation at the centre you use it at. There are options if you’d like to work across our centres.

If you think this is the course for you! Get in touch with us for the password to get booked on!

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RYA Assistant Instructor
RYA AI course
Learn to teach
learn to teach

RYA Dinghy Instructor Course

A 5 day course for those who want to become RYA Dinghy Instructors. We spend a week learning how to get your enthusiasm for sailing across to your future students.

This course is run by an RYA Trainer and moderated on the final day by another RYA Trainer who has not been involved with the course so far. Candidates will be taught to demonstrate competence in briefing and debriefing, as well as course preparation and communication skills.

Before joining this course, you must have completed the RYA Pre Entry Assessment. This is a one day course that assesses your sailing ability to ensure you’re at the right standard before joining the Dinghy Instructor course.

Pre Requisites:

  • 16+
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • RYA Pre Entry Assessment
  • RYA Safe & Fun
  • RYA Membership
  • A 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course
  • You will need a copy of the RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor Handbook (G14) If you don’t have one, we have them available in our shop.

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RYA dinghy instructor course
RYA DI Course
Dinghy Instructor
Sailing Assessment

RYA Pre Entry Assessment

This one day course is designed to assess your sailing ability prior to the RYA Dinghy Instructor course, to ensure you’re at the correct standard for the Instructor course!

Candidates should be able to complete the sailing tasks listed below while sailing at all times with an awareness of the five essentials.

  • Sail around a triangle of course
  • Sail a tight circle course
  • Sail follow my leader course
  • Man Over Board Recovery
  • Sail rudderless
  • Lee-shore landing and departure
  • Pick up a mooring or anchor
  • Come alongside a moored boat

Please note the RYA Pre Entry Assessment is only valid for 1 year. You musty complete your Dinghy Instructor course within a year, otherwise you will have to re do the Pre Entry Assessment

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RYA Pre Entry Assessment
RYA Pre Entry
Sailing Assessment
teach powerboating

RYA Powerboat Instructor

This 4 day course is aimed at experienced powerboat drivers who want to teach the RYA Powerboat Scheme and pass their skills and knowledge on.

The Powerboat Instructor course is broken down into 2 parts:
1) Day 1 - RYA Powerboat Instructor Skills Assessment
2) Day 2,3,4 - RYA Instructor Course (day 4 will be moderated by another RYA Powerboat Trainer)

Pre Requisites:

  • 16+
  • RYA Powerboat Instruct Skills Assessment (usually completed on day 1 of the course)
  • A 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory (desirable)
  • 5 years experience powerboating or one season full time (essential)
  • RYA Membership
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RYA Pre Entry Assessment RYA Pre Entry Assessment
RYA powerboat Instructor
Learn To Teach

Bespoke Courses & Private Tuition

Do you want to improve a specific aspect of your sport? We offer private tuition for individuals at all skill levels, from beginners to those preparing for national championships!