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To obtain an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for RYA Powerboat Level 2, you can can by enroll in an RYA Powerboat Level 2 course at one of our recognised training centers. This course covers essential skills and knowledge required for handling powerboats safely. You can then apply for an ICC from the RYA.

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What is an ICC?

The ICC is a certificate that is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officials in foreign countries

The ICC is issued free of charge to RYA members

What does ICC do?

When visiting another country (in most circumstances) you can be required to comply with the marine legislation of the visited country (the coastal state) in addition to your vessel's country of recognition (the flag state).

The regulations for pleasure craft can vary considerably from one country to another and the regime for skipper training and licensing can be equally disparate; the ICC helps to overcome the difficulties these differences can cause.

What does the ICC not do?

The ICC is NOT a drivers licence for boating in the EU which all EU member states are obliged to accept. Just because you have received a UK ICC this does not mean that it will be accepted in all EU states.

For further details and to find out where your ICC may be accepted please click HERE

ICC Application

You must:

  • Be over the age of 16
  • Have a MyRYA account in order to apply online (click HERE to register)
  • Provide a digital copy or scan of your passport or a national ID card showing your nationality
  • Provide a digital copy of a document that confirms your habitable residential address. Together these documents must verify your identity (name, address, date of birth, photograph) and your nationality.
  • Provide evidence of your competence
  • Hold an RYA membership (click HERE to register)
  • It can take 2-3 weeks to received your application.
  • You can pay an extra £50 for a ‘Fast Track’ that can speed the process up to 10 days.

For all information on how to apply for an ICC please click HERE

For a UK powerboating ICC

A powerboat level 2 is required which will give you an ICC of vessels up to 10 metres. This ICC will be valid for coastal waters but not inland.

For any other information on the ICC certificate please click HERE

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